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sites with script font ideas:


retro script logos:


Graffiti style logo:





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Design & Image Case Study

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The Denver Scholarship Foundation Event

For my Pro Bono Case study, I phone-interviewed Stephanie Friday, partner at Design & Image.  Stephanie has been with the company for over 10 years.  She successfully managed the team for the Denver Scholarship Foundation Event.  The Design & Image website can be found at: http://www.seebrandgo.com/

The firm:

Design & Image is a local design firm based out of Denver, Colorado. They focus on developing brand identities that create a quick and distinctive glimpse of who the client is. They try to “bring energy. Ideas. And a little bit of irreverence,” to create a fun, exciting, and efficient design process.  Design & Image has successfully created websites for companies such as Gatorade, Mount Saint Vincent, Clorox, and Aspect Energy.

Why they do pro bono work:

According to Stephanie, “It is like a spiritual thing to do something good for the world. I believe in positive forces like karma. When you do something good then good things will come back to you, either through your reputation or referrals.  It is also a whole different level of engagement with a client than just receiving a check at the end.”  She went on to say, “It is a more rewarding experience, and it is good for getting your designs and name out there.”

The client:

The Denver Scholarship Foundation had hired Design & Image the previous year to create their brand identity. Later, Stephanie Friday became a part of the committee for the Denver Scholarship Foundation. As her way to give back to the company, she offered the DSF free design work for their upcoming events.  DSF had planned an event for May, 2009 with which they needed help for.  Per Stephanie’s agreement with the foundation, Design & Image began preparing promotional materials for the event.

Defining the problem:

For the May event, DSF needed numerous promotional materials such as invitations, evites, ads, save the date cards, pamphlets, books, and many other print and web designs that Design & Image created for free. Not only were promotional and awareness materials needed, but also items to hand out at the event so that attendees would gain information about the mission and goals of DSF.

Design responsibilities:

The Design Director that had been in charge of the brand identity project the year before became the primary designer for the May event.  He was the most familiar with the client, which would allow him to deliver his designs in a timely fashion. From his previous work, he had also developed a relationship with the client that would make the design process considerably more straightforward. Stephanie Friday was the overseer for the project, and all of its deliverables.

Process and investigation:

Design & Image had created the brand identity for the client the year before, which was a great advantage when it came to the workload for the  current event. Normally, Design & Image creates two different design mock ups to show their clients and receive feedback on. Since Design & Image was already familiar with the clients, the design team only provided one option for each deliverable. By preparing only one design, Design & Image was able to utilize the extra time in ways that would better suit DSF.

Solving the problem:

The main Design Director created the final deliverables, and the client was overwhelmingly pleased. The invitations, e-vites, ads, fliers,  booklets, and other materials for the event were all created, printed, and distributed. The client was more than satisfied and remains a loyal client.


After a successful event for DSF, Design and Image believes their pro bono work is also helping them to build a respectable reputation in the community.  After working with DSF and other pro bono clients, Design & Image has received more work through their networking from these projects.

What makes Design & Image unique:

The company frequently creates designs for their clients whenever they are in need. Obviously, they want their clients to turn to them for design work, and in return they hope for more referrals.  In addition, they hope to work with similar clients from these projects. They believe that pro bono work is an advantageous way to offer their free services and to readily display their capabilities. Through pro bono work, the company is able to develop mutually beneficial relationships and to continually introduce itself to new clients. The company genuinely believes that putting in extra effort will continue to benefit the company for years to come.

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Interview for Project 1

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Denver scholarship Foundation and their 1st annual event

1. Do you have a design brief or any additional support from the project that I  would be able to look at? no

2. Do you have any supporting imagery or videos that document the project? Do you have any photos/ sketches from the beginning of the project, and any photos from the end of the project? Yes, a couple PDF’s.

3. What aspects of the project are easier when working with a non-profit organization compared to a paying client. What aspects of the project were harder? This is not an issue because they treat their pro bono projects as a real paying client. It depends on the personalities and requirements of each person that you are working with.

4. Do you feel that you can be more creative with a non-profit group, and if so how? It depends on the negotiation you have with the client,  and who you approach within the business. In general the design is up to the design firm. With a non profit that needs design help we often will ask them if we can help test out a new web engine, or show off a design or case study. We get to stretch our creative muscles , as long as we accomplish their needs.

5. When do you feel that a project has been completed? Do you do any follow up work? A project is completed when all the materials have been printed or the website has been launched. Always follow up with the client, and build an ongoing relationship with them so that they are happy and continue to come to you in the future.

6. What is your favorite aspect about working for a non-profit group? It is like a spiritual thing to do something good for the world. She believes in positive forces and that when you do good then good things will come back to you. The force of good comes back to you in your reputation and referrals.  It is a whole different level of engagement with a client than just receiving a check at the end.

7. Did your client have their basic company/design structure set up, or did you have to create their entire brand identity for them? They created the brand identity the year before for the client, when the client had hired them. They did the event designs for free the next year.

8. What were all of the deliverables that were included with the project? Multimedia: invitations, programs, j-peg evites, multiple ads, marquee at the Denver Center of Performing Arts, all of their print and online work.

9. How was the project prioritized? It was all based off of the event. Six months before they made save the date cards both electronic and printed. They then made invitations, then ads, followed by programs and multipage booklets of the sponsors and schedules of the event.

10. How many pro-bono projects do you do a year? Right now they only have two pro bono clients that they have an ongoing relationship with. They are the Denver Scholarship Foundation’s events, and the Colorado Business Committee for the arts.  They like to have an ongoing relationship with their pro bono clients by doing little tasks on a continual basis. In return the clients will plug you to other businesses, and go to you as their design firm in the future.

11. How do you decide the workflow for the project? On an as needed basis. What is needed first is the priority. They first decide the management and marketing strategy, and then go from there.

12. How did you delineate a team for the project? They go by who has time and can get everything done by the due dates. For this project they used the design director that had helped them with their branding the previous year. They assigned him to the pro bono work since he was the most familiar with the company, and would be the most efficient. Must be careful with your time.

13. What were the client’s suggestions or feedbacks, and did you adjust any part of the design to address their concerns? They were super appreciative, and they keep fawning over them because of the time and energy they put into it.

14. How do you choose your pro bono clients? They chose people that they were involved with, and wanted to help out.

15. Did you end up doing more work with clients in the same filed based off of this non-profit work? We probably have. The development director from the clients firm moved to a different company and then hired us based on our prior work with him.

16. How many prototypes or mockups were created for the client, and how was the client involved with the design process? For this situation, we had already established the design in a “paid”  project situation the year prior. When it came time to create the pro  bono items we only showed one option. For other pro bono clients we  usually show two design concept options. They need to choose one  concept to move forward with. When you are donating design you need to  do your homework so that the design options are on target and  appropriate to the audience and situation. Always start with a  creative brief.

17. Any other comments about pro bono work? It is a great way to offer free services and to get your work out there. It is a fantastic way to negotiate. Volunteer to get your feet wet, and get known.

The client had been a paying customer the year before when they needed their brand identity figured out. Stephanie Friday then became part of their committee and as a way for her to donate to the organization she offered them more free design work. She likes to help the people she knows.

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Journal & Research for Project 1

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Today is Friday August 21, and I began researching different design firms last week and I stumbled across one called Green Jeans Creative. I looked on their website for examples of non-profit work that they have done and I found a project they have called SunFest. It is a private non-profit event organization that they have been involved with. There was no other information included about the project that I could find on the website. It does potentially  look like they do quite a bit of non-profit work, because on their contact page they have an entire separate link just for non-profit work. So far I am still waiting to hear back from them, but I will continue to contact them. Here is their website where their non-profit work is listed. http://www.greenjeanscreative.com/whohiresus_selectclientlist

I also found another design group called planet media that has done non-profit work in Denver for a sheepdog rescue website. I emailed them a few days ago and have tried to call. Here is their website http://www.planetmediazone.com/, and the nonprofit website for the dog rescue can be found under the clients tab and then by scrolling all the way to the right of their different featured clients.

So today is Wednesday the 25th, and I still have not heard back from either design firm even though I emailed, called, and left voice mails for the both of them. Hopefully I will here back from one of them soon.

Well I just heard back from Green Jean Creative and they said that their project for a non-profit was actually not a pro bono case. So I will not be able to use them after all. Hopefully Planet Media will work out.

I emailed Monigle tonight since I have not hear back from Planet Media yet. I will call them tomorrow. I got an email back from a lady at Monigle saying that she was forwarding my email to a guy named Mike, and I tried emailing him myself but never heard a response.

Since I did not hear a response from Planet Media or Monigle, I was searching for more design firms on Monday. Luckily Tawnya recommended Design & Image. I emailed them on Monday and within a few hours Stehpanie Friday emailed me back saying she would work with me, and we are still trying to figure out an appointment time.  I think we are trying to do the interview during lunch time on Wednesday. We will see.

Well today is Wednesday and I got the interview done in between classes, it went rather quick only about 20 minutes so I feel like I might have forgotten to ask her something. But she said I could call her back if I came up with any other questions. She was super fantastic, and nice.

Between classses I started to write the case study and realized I forgot to ask her a few key questions about the design process so I will be calling/emailing her back in between classes.


Design & Image

Thir website can be found at http://www.seebrandgo.com/

They are a company that focusing on creating an identity and a brand for companies. They create logos, websites, and print materials.

Clients that they have worked for:

Aspect Energy, Brad Adams Walker Architects, Brand Juice Consulting, Color Turners, Clorox, COPIC Insurance, Cricket Communications Wireless, Darwin, Davis Partnership Architects, Denver Preschool Program, Denver Scholoarship Foundation, EKS&H, EON Office, Evolve, Gatorade, Gill Foundation, Granite Corporation, HealthGrades Inc, Hillary Reed Interiors, MOA Architecture, Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza, Mercy Housing of California, Mount Saint Vincent, National Sports Center for the Disabled, Project P.A.V.E., Sage Hospitality, St. Charles Capital, Stewart Shortridge & Fitzke P.C., Summit Investment Management, Tango2, The Color People, The Curtis, The Milestone Group, The Oxford Hotel, Three Tomatoes Catering, University of Northern Colorado, Urban Market Development, WEITZ Construction, Wells Fargo Corporation.

My favorite websites that they had developed for clients were: Color Turners, MOA Architecture, and The Color People.

Stephanie Friday:

She is the Partner of Design & Image, and they serve the Denver Area. She has been with the company since February of 1999, and she was a part of the AIGA CO Executive Board of Directors as a treasurer.  She has a page featured about her at http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniefriday

Information about the event:

It is for the Denver Scholarship Foundation and their event was on Tuesday May 19, 2009. Design & Image had 6 months to prepare for the event. The event featured George Will.

Information about the Denver Scholarship Foundation:

They are trying to “provide college advice and scholarships, DSF is empowering a new generation for success.” Mayor Hickelooper is a co-founder of the program. They are trying to get “a whole new generation in Denver with more skills and bigger paychecks.” They have a link on youtube where they have a promotional video at

So far they have helped 712 Denver Public School graduates during the 2008-09 year by giving out $2.6 million in scholarships. More info about how they support students can be found at https://www.denverscholarship.org/Page.aspx?pid=678

Link to monitor the students success, and read about individual students: https://www.denverscholarship.org/Page.aspx?pid=679

List of participating schools: https://www.denverscholarship.org/Page.aspx?pid=680

&News featured Youtube video about the program:

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